A shaver for a man should radiate elegance, precision, quality and cleanliness. The form of the shaver was developed to find an aesthetic intersection between the grip and the blade hanger. The quality and elegance are underlined by the high-gloss aluminum.




Kuli is a simple piece of furniture designed to be a seating object, a coffee table, or a storage and display unit, it requires the user to 'build' it themselves according to what kind of furniture is needed.
Comprised of a steel wire basket with a board on top, the wire box can be filled with beanbag-style cushions in several different sizes to layer like sandbags if you need a seat. By fixing them with rubber ropes hooked into the grid, they stay put. Joining two easy chairs gets you a bed or a cosy sofa, and when the pillows are put away, the arm chair turns into a table.
Without the cushions, Kuli would be pretty handy in a children's room to function as an arts and crafts table and a toy box; and for grown-ups, it's also at home in the living room for putting coffees on and storing books underneath.

little helpers


Helping devises for children with disabilities

Disabled children can’t communicate with other people like healthy people. The right devise can help them to integrate into a group and the society and they get a feeling of affiliation. It is very important for kids to attend in everyday life and to participate in everyday tasks including communicating with other people, cooking or working with the computer.
With recorded sentences, adventures or other spoken words the children with communication problems can express their needs (going to the toilet, hunger, play etc.), integrate in a group by telling a story from their weekend or playing a role in a theater play. With the help of the right product, lecturers can teach classical subjects (math, languages, spors, religion, …) easier and also advance their skills in cognition, motor activity, language, independent living and social behavior.
Existing products are expensive and they have a very technical machinery-like appearance. They are not designed for children and do not look very appealing. Due to their appearance and the handling which is not easy to understand , they get used less then it would be necessary.
The most important thing at products like these, is that children like to use them and that they have fun to work, play and communicate with them. They should be easy in the handling and to carry around.


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protect your head

If you want to buy a new helmet, you go into a bicycle store.
Most helmets there are spezialized equipment that look agressiv and sporty. If you are looking for a simple helmet, with that you do not necessarily need to go fast, you are forced to look harder.
I have tried to design an urban helmet in which the shell is separate from the belt. Independant parts allow the helmet to be stylish customized. Defect parts can as well be easily replaced.



they must be scrabed by hand!

Spaetzle are a very traditional food from south Germany. They can be formed with a noodle press, a plane, or just with a board. The most traditional way is the board. You only need a board and a grater, therefore it is very easy to clean the parts after cooking. To produce perfect spaetzle, the board must be chamfered and must have a sharp edge. This prevents the dough from sticking to the board and makes it easy to shear the dough. The board also needs a long and solid handle so you do not burn your hands in the hot steam and to have a safe grip. The stainless steel scraper and the oak board can be easily attached with each other and both parts can be hung together on a nail, saving space.

open up


eBook Reader

Books are thick, heavy and get dog-eared. It would be convenient if you could carry many different books with you as you want. You could read a novel, a thriller or a textbook no matter where you are without having to take lots of books with you. Typically, old and valuable books are bound in leather or textile. I translated this taditional quality into the electronic age by using nano textile.



light, where you need it.

If you read or work, your eyes become tired very quickly. This can be improved easily with enough light. Because of its height, this lamp can stand beside a table or sofa. The three positions for the arm make it possible to use it as an uplight, as a reading and working lamp and it can be folded for storage. With a simple clip, like the clothespin from muji, the arm of the lamp can be adjusted smoothly to any height. If you put down the arm of the lamp, the spiral cable avoids tangling. The spiral cable follows each adjustment of height.



Caesar's first choice

The glasses are designed for Gaius Julius Caesar, the first roman emperor. Important for me was, not to give a character to the glasses but rather to underline Caesars intelligence, dignity and artless elegance. The temples are out of Titanflex. They allow to fold the glasses very easy and the conventional hinges become needles. The advantage of this material is not only the comfort but also the lightness. The exclusive materials used for the 'emperor' promise stability and longevity. Clear forms define the outline of the 'emperor'.

2006 - 2012state academy of art and design, stuttgart, industrial design
2011internship at, esslingen, germany
2010 - 2011internship at, london, uk
2004 - 2005carpenter, neckarsulm, internship
 metalworker, neckarsulm, internship
2004 - 2005civilian service
2002 - 2004high school
photoshop, illustrator, indesign,
rhinoceros, v-ray, keyshot
model making, sketching
photography, sketching, webdesign
juggling in the group flik-flak (
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